Meet Paul McAvene

Head Designer / Owner

Mr. McAvene's unlimited talents, abilities and experience, have allowed him and his multi-talented staff to design and create a wide range of elements for the entertainment industry. Everything from life size two man skating elephants, the finest couture gowns, broadway costumes, theatrical sets, ground breaking puppets and an array of visual effects for countless productions.

Paul's hard work and dedication has earned him two Emmy Nominations to his credit. He has also made dozens of guest lecturer appearances at the Pasadena Center for the Arts of California, teaching and mentoring students in the field of entertainment design.

His varied and extensive experience began at age 6 when his Mother Mary Ann and his father Richard Lee. Mentored him in the skills of clothing design, construction and sewing. Combined with father's expertise in the garage, architecture / construction and electricity. Having a supportive and unconditionally loving, as Paul puts it: "Crazy Wonderful Italian Family", combined with his ravenous appetite to learn, build and fearlessly explore, made him the man he is today. Mr. McAvene has built a successful Specialty Design Company entering it's 4th decade! With no end any time soon.

He jokes "I was teased for being the only kid on my block who could, rebuild a carburetor and finish a wedding dress for Mrs. Blumhagen, in the same afternoon".

Paul's client list reads as a who's who of Hollywood:  His creations have been worn by: Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pheiffer, Robert Downey Jr., Cindy Crawford, Val Kilmer, Dennis Quaid, Billy Crystal, Don Rickles, Patti Labelle, Kyra Sedgwick, Whoopi Goldberg, Gene Simmons, Arsenio Hall, Mark Hammel, Pierce Brosnan, Garth Brooks, Heather Locklear, Martin Short and of course, . . The Fabulous Miss Piggy.